Amazing Cucumber For Your Glowing Skin!

Mint, ginger, cucumber for glowing skin .. Eat like this! The secret that nutritionists share!

Eating healthy foods and drinking enough water not only protects the body, but also helps keep skin and hair healthy. If you, too, want to enhance your beauty, we have a very easy home remedy that you can try.

Nutritionist recently ‘shared a natural juice recipe to brighten skin’ on Instagram.

According to nutritionist, a mixture of mint, ginger, cucumber and chia seeds will show “amazing skin results” when taken regularly.

She listed the properties of each object!

Excellent for the skin

Cucumbers are an excellent source of vitamin K and silica, each of which might be important to healthy, glowing skin. Similarly, cucumber juice is rich in antioxidants which might be acknowledged to reduce infection, ensuing in less redness and puffiness within the skin.

2. Amazing for the eyes

Spa treatments often contain placing cool cucumbers over the eyes to help with puffiness, but cucumbers can sell even extra eye fitness from the inside out.

The antioxidants and A vitamins in cucumber juice can reduce oxidative stress inside the retina, helping us keep clean and vibrant vision and prescient. This benefit also can help postpone or prevent you the onset of macular degeneration.

3. Boosts the immune system

Cucumber juice is full of vitamin c and other minerals regarded to help promote immune health.

Similarly, the antioxidants and excessive-water content material in cucumber juice function a cleansing agent to neutralize and cast off harmful pollution from the body that may weaken immunity.

4. regulates blood pressure

One of the essential minerals in cucumber juice is magnesium, which is valued for its capacity to hold blood pressure from getting too low or too excessive.

Magnesium also serves as a natural stress reducer and may higher good sleep. Some research have additionally advised that the seeds in the cucumber may also assist reduce ldl (“bad”) cholesterol in the body, which also may affect blood pressure.

5. Promotes weight loss

Aside from being a tremendous-tasting low-calorie beverage, the antioxidants in cucumber juice are a natural metabolism booster that enables burn calories more efficiently. While consumed as part of a wholesome diet, cucumber juice can make it simpler to lose weight.

* Mint has anti-bacterial properties that help fight acne and make the skin feel refreshed. Especially in summer, regular drinking of mint water will ‘refresh the skin.

* Ginger is packed with more than 40 antioxidants, which are said to fight the symptoms of aging. It is not only helps the skin by expelling toxins, but also promotes blood circulation.

* The water in cucumber ‘helps to soften the skin from the inside. It also helps to flush out toxins and keep the body hydrated and maintain a healthy beautiful complexion. Cucumber is rich in pantothenic acid or vitamin B-5, which is used to prevent acne.

* Chia seeds suppress appetite which keeps you full for longer time. Cooling the body. It is also a source of omega 3 and omega 6.

How to make ?


Fresh mint leaves

Peeled ginger- some pieces

Cucumber- some slices

Soaked chia seeds


* In a blender, grind the mint leaves, ginger and cucumber together.

* With this juice, add soaked chia seeds and drink.

See the amazing results in just few weeks!!




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We create a new energetic wave in the ORGANIC market. Shop with us at, get your health and family well taken care of.

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