Do you eat a lot of eggs? A word of Caution for you!

In everyday life egg is considered as a very healthy food for our body. Eating eggs in general is good for health. Eggs are high in protein.

Experts recommend consuming eggs daily in all seasons. However, eating eggs can also be dangerous to the body. Yes !! One study found that eating one or more eggs a day increased the risk of type 2 diabetes by 60 percent.

Massive exposure in research:

Data from more than 8,000 participants in China’s Health and Nutrition Survey show that people who eat more eggs have lower levels of physical activity and higher levels of serum cholesterol. Researchers also say that they consume more fat and animal protein.

Egg eaters should be careful:

Studies show that they help reduce the risk of oxidative stress and inflammation in the egg yolk. This prevents the absorption of carbohydrates from the chemicals in the egg white. Eggs are a staple of breakfast in many homes around the world. It is also a rich source of protein.

Common problems that can occur due to overeating eggs:

• Weight gain

• Risk of high cholesterol

• Risk of Food Poisoning

• Stomach upset

Eggs contain the bacterium Salmonella. It comes from chicken. If the eggs are not boiled properly, these bacteria can infiltrate the body and damage the health. The same thing happens when eggs are not cooked properly.

It can cause many problems such as bloating, vomiting and stomach related problems. Eating too many eggs can have negative consequences. As a rich source of protein, high intake of it can adversely affect the kidneys.

Excessive egg consuming increases the risk of diabetes:

Many researchers believe that regular consumption of eggs increases the risk of diabetes. A large egg contains about 200 milligrams of cholesterol, so it can cause problems for diabetics.

The best way to eat eggs:

The best way to eat eggs is to boil them and season them with salt, pepper and coriander leaves. Alternatively you can make a vegetable omelette using two eggs.



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