Have you eaten blackberry dosa?

Blackberry is now being used by many as an alternative to sugar. Although its taste is unique its health is more than that. So it is good to include it in the occasional recipe like this to enjoy the health and its taste together. In that way, try adding black currant instead of salt to the dosa flour you eat daily. Taste will make you forget the consonant. Here is the recipe …

required things :

Blackberry — 100 g
wheat flour — 100 g
rice flour — 4 tsp
grated coconut — 1 cup
cardamom — 2
ghee — tsp


First crush the black powder and add a little water to melt it.

Then add rice flour and wheat flour and mix well. Add the grated coconut and mix well. Crush the cardamom and add. Powder can be added though.

Not only vada in banana flower … you can also make such a tasty dish ..!

Add the required amount of water and mix to make dosa flour paste.

Now shoot at the pebbles as always. Use ghee instead of oil to pour around the dosa.

That’s it blackberry dosa is ready.



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