How should you treat your child? Find out

How should you treat your child? Find out

Child rearing is an art. In today’s world of automation can be a daunting task for a parent.

Likewise many children are thinking that everything they hear should be available and everything they want should happen.

As far as child rearing is concerned there are two types of parents who say yes to whatever the children ask and parents who say no to whatever is asked.

Experts say that saying yes can have the greatest impact on a child. Also recently Bollywood actress and wife of Indian cricketer Virat Kohli Anushka Sharma has explained about foster parents saying everything is YES or NO and what the impact of saying so would be.

Actress Anushka Sharma’s question:

Anushka Sharma has questioned on her Instagram account how many times a day parents say NO to the baby, i.e. the baby refuses to listen.Another Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor, who is pregnant, says she wants to be a YES mom. It is wrong to say no or no.

Culture that refuses to say NO:

When a child asks for something, parents have a variety of reasons to refuse it. But most of the time when the child refuses to say no it is revealed that the parents refuse to listen to what the child is asking for with a kind of fear or very hard.

For example,

If the child asks, ‘Mom, can I have some chocolate?’

The answer is no.

‘Are you buying me a new toy?’

The answer is ‘no’.

‘Can I go outside and play?’

‘No. Do not play ‘is the answer.

Forgetting parents saying NO to such questions will not give the child a proper understanding. Or there is no explanation as to why you are refusing. So the child will ask you various questions around why you refuse

Studies show that children ask a variety of questions that play an important role in the so-called cognitive development of the whole body and brain. Only when the child is curious and eager to know a thing will he begin to ask questions about it.

By asking questions they will get the information they need and a proper understanding will occur. This will help you to know many things. Questioning is a very important skill.

Children who grow up asking questions will easily learn about the world in the future. Not only that but they will be the best at solving problems. So refusing to listen to your child without any explanation will affect their interest.

Breeding method called YES:

It is also not right to agree that yes and yes to everything children ask. Ask your children a few things about whether they can eat chocolate or go out and play. If you say yes, the children will do it right away.

As they grow older they will come to expect that you will easily agree to even the big things as they grow older, and that you will no longer have the responsibility and obligation to explain the reason why you say yes.

Chocolate can be eaten, but in addition tell them to eat only one or two pieces of chocolate. I will buy the toy and tell them that I can buy the stack of toys that are there now and then.

Saying yes to everything will not make children grow up to be good role models. Similarly denying that everything is not will cause them some kind of emptiness. But saying no will make them a little more responsible. So whether you say yes or no, you have to explain the reason to them.


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